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Native to Seattle, Washington with foundations in hip hop culture, Leo Shallat incorporates both movement and lyrical aspects to his multi-disciplinary work. From murals to calligraphy to interior design, Leo is developing a symbolic language, born of mythology, archetypes, and primal movement patterns. He is exploring the intersection of proto word forms, fine art elements, and everyday objects. His work currently focuses on international designs for private and commercial clients to transform and regenerate unadorned spaces.

What started as a fascination with brushwork has evolved into expression through multimedia. The heart of his creations is an intuitive freestyle flow. Each piece becomes a movement based conversation with the world. Pieces are born from ideas or themes, organically constructed in layers, embedding meaning with each pass. This creates vessels which express concepts at every level, from the tools, to the medium, to the message.


Get in touch: Leoshallat@gmail.com  |  (206) 963-9598 


Clients Include

SPiN Seattle

Octopus Bar



Urban Artworks

Aria Salon

Bohemia Yoga

Global Street Art

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